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Cio D'Or - "Die Faser / Part 1" (incl. Donato Dozzy Rmxs)

Various Press & DJ Reviews

Kevin Gorman/Mikrowave: super super release on prologue. love both yours and donatos version... congrats!!

Obtane Synewave/Prologue: If you thought Munich was the capital of electro you was probably wrong. Prologue is rising up with a mindblowing sound who people calls "headfuck techno". Label is totally forwarded to the future and this release is again the confirmation. Zellulose, a superb and sinister intro with cinematic feelings, is starting the ep in a perfect way. Goldbrokat is a masterpiece of melancholic and hypnotic techno with refreshing atmospheres without business deals, just for the pleasure to make true underground techno. Donato Dozzy turns it in two versions. a drone remix that reminds to his own imprint on Aquaplano and an analogic techno monster that will damages dancefloors seriously.

Mnmlmssgs: quality release from a distinctive voice. the beautiful originals are artfully reworked by dozzy. highly recommended.

Stephan Bodzin: full support for one of the most atmospheric releases i heard lately!

Laurent Garnier: beautifull atmosphere Will play A2 (original) everywhere

Giorgio Gigli (Prologue/Zooloft): Goldbrokat original mix is a GREAT track!! is the best track of the album i love this sound!

Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings): deep and sexy techno. Like A2(Original) best. Donato's techno rmx is good too, a tad bit progressive sounding for me but killer hypnotic groove...

Silent Servant (Sandwell District): good release... will chart for sure at some point...

Peter Van Hoesen: my favs are the original of Goldbrokat and Dozzy's techno remix. Swell!

Samuli Kemppi (Prologue): Superb cut from the LP. Will play on radio and gigs, both original version and Donato's techno remix.

Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts): that's what I call new techno... Full support! Actually it's very hard to choose my fave, and that's cool!

Markus Kavka (MTV Europe): gewohnte top-qualität! "goldbrokat" ist ein großartiger track - sagenhaft, wie der sich nach hinten raus öffnet, man möchte die ganze welt umarmen.

Richie Hawtin (Minus): download for R Hawtin

Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave): This is a FAN-fucking-TASTIC record.

Expander (Sonic Culture): Great release! Love all tracks..!

Mark S. Krüx (Urb Magazine): Really love anything Cio D'or does... Ambient remix could be useful.

Chris Burkhalter (Resident Advisor): Shifting from atmospheric percussion treatments to gently dramatic keys, the softspoken "Goldbrokat" blooms into something quite stirring. This ought to sound terrific on a big sound system but, to me, the track's slowly unfolding, almost narrative quality is headphones bliss. And Dozzy's pair of remixes are an absolute treat. Great package!

Lee Curtis: Goldbrokat is like re-entering the womb...

Brett Johnson (Cynosure, Frankie): While this release has some very nice atmospherics none of the dance mixes are things that i would play. I like however the intro/ambient bits. thanks.

Marc Miroir (Paso Music): I like "Goldbrokat" the original and the techno remix of Donato. very good stuff :)

Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord): donato's remixes are great! original pretty hot too. nice package!

Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music): Finally some minimalist techno comes out that can actually be called "minimal." Although I can't really fit Goldbrokat original mix into my dj sets, I love it immensely. That said, I will definitely be playing Donato's Techno remix. Will run it this weekend, for sure.

Kevin Gorman: a brilliant release.. goldbrokat is epic and dark, the donato remix complements it very nicely.. takes me back to the early harthouse releases circa early 90s! many thanks

DJ Montana (Club ) (Sputnik): goldbrokat = good intensity and still calm music, 9/13, donato dozzy techno mix is also cool, thx morten

Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ): all are cool in their own right. really dig donato dozzys techno mix though. deep and driving

Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine): four great tracks. dozzy does an amazing job. perfect ep.

Electric Indigo: just love cio's ambient tunes... zellulose wind is actually my favorite here. donato dozzy's ambient remix is really subtle and beautiful as well. goldbrokat, however, i find seducing :)

Joris Voorn (Green): Very good stuff, here, really like the depth in the sounds!!

Benoit Carretier (Tsugi): nice EP. cool album

Mick Wilson (Dj Mag): NICE

Seth Troxler: great record i will be playing all tracks.

Joris Voorn (Green): Very good stuff, here, really like the depth in the sounds!!

The Black Dog: Enjoyed the intro track and the ambient rmx, will be playing these in the studio and dropping in our next ambient podcast

Carl Cox: Im downloading for Carl Cox, thanks

Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels): big fan of cio d'or

Quenum: "My favorite is A2 Goldbrokat cio D'or"

Elia Pace: Superb release! Goldbrokat original & Donato's Techno remix are both top draw! Can't go wrong with Donato on the case!

Machines Are Funky Blog, Resident Advisor: High quality ambience in all its forms. Tracks for every time of day. Brilliant. Looking forward to the album. Love the ambient bits

DJ GAOGAO vinyl guerilla from France / RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON: difficult to make an opinion with small extracts, but interesting deep minimale and good Donato Dozzy rework, so good ep...

Eric Cloutier (Resident Advisor): While Cio's originals are amazing, the Dozzy remix is where its at. Techno monster from one of the masters.

Noice Podcast Series: great label.... Like the GOldbrokat track

Chris Miller (Little White Earbuds): great record. loving both the dozzy remixes and originals!

DSinc Radio: Human coherent on the knobs evolution, really reflects those mid 90s atmosphere we could find on tvs, ambient cds & lounges. The transe touch is really classy and don't mess with too much features, love the body moves orientation will make a great moment

Radio Z: very deep, no need for it

Magaret Dygas (Panoramabar): first 3 chilly spacey, nice ;) thanks

Posivision: A2 nice one! best for morning floor! 4 sounds cool! Its a fantastic release. All tracks its very nice but my favorite its Goldbrokat (original), the textures and sound its really sweet and powerfull too!!!

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza): cool hypno tracks! like it :)

Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Kanzleramt founder): A2 & B1 (Goldbrokat) Kickz azz very nice and well produced!

Undo ( Factor City ): really like goldbrokat original and donato's remix. will play!

Darko Esser ( Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn ): I love them all!! It doesn't get deeper & moodier then this, a 100% mindfuck ;-) thanks a lot!

The Bunker NYC: loving it. goldbrokat is sooo good!!! both of the remixes are really nice too. Honey sound! Love his evocative imprinting. Cio D'Or make a great track and Donato is God!

James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge): nice one. will play goldbrokat original

BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montreal: Enjoy Goldbrokat original's deep and velvety sound. Zellulose Wing and Dozzy's Ambient take are also very interesting soundscapes.

Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend): Definitely feeling this, love it!

Swoon / pastlessonfuturetheories blog: Great stuff. Really enjoying these Prologue releases. Will definitely play on radio.

Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto ): Very delicate and beautifull release my fav's are Goldbrokat original and Donato Dozzy ambient mix. Full support, will play! Excellently beautiful EP. Love it. Clean, Old, real..MINIMAL! (Deutschland Radio): Intro has great sounds, Goldbrokat creates huge atmosphere.

Radio-e-volution: Like A2 and the techno remix of Donato Dozzy! Great release!

Efdemin (Curle/Dial): promising. very interesting label.

Switch / Studio Brussel: good remixes by donato, but original is my favourite

Radio Campus Brussles: both mixes by donato dozzy are great!! such a beautiful ambient mix... love it!!!

Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records): sounds really nice stuff , feels like some heart and soul has went into this

Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins): das intro und der ambient remix gefallen mir am besten. werde sie in meine chillout sendung mit aufnehmen. played 01. Cio D'or - zellulose wind (intro) - prg007 in his show

Lee Smith (IDJ/Plan B): excellent review in iDJ November issue

Switch / Studio Brussel: good remixes by donato, but original is my favourite

Xpansul (Ovum Recordings): Superb! Really really really into this stuff. Thanks!

Nino (Altroverso): playlist in altroverso

Minimal Land (MInimal Land): Great tracks, will be posted at minimaland!

Falko Brocksieper (The Result/Sub Static): Really special stuff! Looking forward to try them on the dancefloor.

Scuba (Hotflush): Wicked atmospherics on Goldbrokat

Tim Thaler (3headz): rotation support on BLN FM, Berlin!

Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe): Great listening!!

Davide Squillace (Hideout/Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti): love the intro and Ambient remix.

Radio 1: Very cool atmo techno stuff, really like it and support. Also D.Dozzy did very good job

Slam (Soma Records): Dark and deep - some cool ambience

Sean-Michel Yoder (Resident Advisor/ Nice, musical techno instead of the usual onslaught of zips & pings. Very impressive, but not necessarily my bag.

Dubfire: download

Sammy Goosens (Pullproxy): nice bundle like the atmospheres

Xpansul (Ovum Recordings): Superb! Really really really into this stuff. Thanks!

Diversions on chry105.5fm: nice sounds! real expansive feel to these with a lot of depth - engaging to say the least - will definitely support all versions presented here - my fav is the original of GOLDBROKAT

Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records): sounds really nice stuff , feels like some heart and soul has went into this

Heartthrob (Minus): First three for me. Deep... :)

Tadeo: The real minimal techno by Donato... Simply great!!. Full support for the D.Dozzy Techno rmx.

Dave Twomey: A wonderful start to the album proceedings.... killer offerings from Cio and the usual tripped out madness from Professore Dozzy!!! from Tokyo...we love you Donato!!!

Oliver Ho (Blueprint/Meta): my fav is the dozzy techno mix, lovely and deep, reminds me of seeing him in the hills of japan..

Tony Scott / Edit-Select (Ostgut Ton): donato dozzy remix for me

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance/Metrogroove 95.1): donato techno mix for me

Troy Pierce (Minus): dozzy techno mix is dope, zellulose wind is cool as well.

Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records): DONATO!!! Can't say no to the face-melting shit.

Matt Xavier (Railyard Recordings): Been hammering Donato's slice of hypnotic techno for a while. Trance at its best.

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four): Donato Dozzy's techno remix... wow!! donato dozzy mix, absolute killer

Dave Mothersole (Swag, Ministry Of Sound Radio): really feeling donato's techno mix. i like everything i've heard on prologue sofar. cool label.

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance/Metrogroove 95.1): donato techno mix for me

Jonas Kopp (Curle): Donato remix for me ...

Dario Zenker (Harry Klein): great zellulose wind.dozzy rmxes are cool too.thanks.

Technasia: i like the ambient & techno mix most

Sebastian Suckfüll: like the donato techno mix

Axel Fischer (On-3 Radio ( Bayrischer Rundfunk ): Donato Dozzy Techno Mix is deep as hell !

XFM Dublin / No Territory Show: really like Zellulose Wind and Goldbrokat techno rmx! thanks

Blind Spot on 103.2 Preston FM: Nice EP, my fav is the Dozzy Techno remix

Max Bacharach (Resident Advisor): Dozzy's techno mix is a killer. This man just keeps getting better. Full support.

Das Ding radio show (SWR3): I like Donato's ambient mix.

Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)): I like the Dozzy Remix

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ): donato dozzy techno rmx is my fav one on the ep. Full support!

Radio Campus Brussles: both mixes by donato dozzy are great!! such a beautiful ambient mix... love it!!!

Cio D'Or: Dear Donato, i am so glad & thankful for your great remixes ,)