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Cio D'Or - "Kimono EP"

Various Press & DJ Reviews

Alex Attias (Visions Inc, Freedom Soundz, Num Ltd, Still Music...): Good release. My favourite is "Kimono" and I will play it for sure. Great production. In the box!

Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio Records): Cio, my heroine becomes adult. Very deep and dark tracks. I love it. The simple things taste the best! I will play all tracks!

Butane (Alphahouse, Num, Dumb-Unit...): Super duper late night drug music for big sound systems. Excellent!

Fabrice Lig (Playhouse, F-Com, Kanzleramt, Raygun...): This is a bit too abstract for me, well done, sounds a bit like plastikman/minus stuff, but not what I can play easy into my DJ sets.

Franco Cinelli (Esperanza, Alphahouse, Adjunct, Milnor Modern...): I really like the "Kimono" track, super dubby hypno trippy. 8 points!

Franklin De Costa (Trapez Ltd, Karmarouge Noir, Einmaleins...): Good record. Very reduced and spacey minimal tracks. "Fata Morgana" is the one I play.

James Holden (Bordercommunity): The MZ006 is great - A1 and A2 will both be useful tools for me. This is a big compliment as I haven't liked a techno record for ages!

Jeff Samuel (Poker Flat, Trapez, Logistic, Spectral Sound): I was a big fan of Cio D´Or's Treibstoff release... This is a totally different vibe, but I like the B-side "psst." I think at the right time, this may become a huge bomb. I don't typically play stuff this dark but I think this one is really well done, so I will give it some spins.

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza, Hometown, Mupa, Thema, Igloo): I like "Kimono"!

Kaspar (Kasper & Papol, Esperanza, Igloo, M_nus): Totally like this release!

Marc Ashken (Leftroom): Quite like "Kimono"! Unlikely i'd play it but has a good feel to it.

Marcel Dettmann (MDR, Ostgut Tonträger): Finde die erste Nummer super...!

Marco / Italoboyz (Treibstoff, Einmaleins, Safari Electronique, Gumption): "Kimono" and "Fata Morgana" are both very dark minimal tracks nicely produced. Psst is my favorite if it wasn't for that cheap electroish synth. Dark but catchy and shaky tune, I'm sure lots of people will play this.

Martinez (Out Of Orbit Recordings, 3rd Floor Records, Re:Connected, LoMidHigh Lmtd): I really like the "Kimono" track.. Cool stuff, will play it ;)

Miguel Tutera (Sub-Static, Handheld, Toys For Boys, Unfoundsound...): "Kimono" - Sounds like plastikman, it is very hypnotic, and the bass line is very good!!!... It grooves and it's heavy! Meanwhile various pads, perc,... It invites you to a pleasant trip. "Fata Morgana" - The same style, minimal. I like it, maybe it's a bit more techno then "Kimono". "Psst!" - For me the best track, it has a resonant bass line, very nice, together with blips, and percussions. After a new bass line, more saturated, and with filter... Very nice!!! Peak-time for any gig!!... Perfect for the lovers of the dancefloor with good pleasure. I like a lot this EP.

Mikael Stavöstrand (Sunset Diskos, Mo'S Ferry, Adjunct, Karat...): Wow... Really like this one... I love those deep freaky elements...!! Super solid release...

Philip Sherburn (, The Wire,,, At first i was a little taken back by the apparent minimalism of this, but once i started mixing with it it made sense to me, and turned out to be far richer and fuller than I initially thought. you really do need to hear it loud. Excellent, classic minimal techno with echoes of Susanne Brokesch, dusty and a little bit disembodied. Balancing out "Kimono" and "Fata Morgana", "Psst!" is a muscular jab of electric bass samples and face-slapping snares that's waaay heavier than it's title would suggest. All three of these tunes will remain regular inclusions in my sets.

Remute Aka Denis Karimani (Num, Smallville, Areal...): "Kimono" - Ich bin sprachlos... Wirklich! Wenn die Maschinen, á la Terminator, irgendwann die welt erobern, dann wird das wohl ihre Hymne sein, welche sie bei pompösen aufmärschen nutzen. Madame Cio D´Or... You will survive... Dank des Stealth-Kimonos?! :) Absolut toll!!! "Fata Morgana" - Ebenfalls ein höchst sprachlos-machender Techno Track. Beeindruckend. Musikalität auf einem anderen (Daten-)Highway. "Psst!" - Im direkten Vergleich mit den beiden anderen Tracks, fällt dieser dann leicht ab, ist aber trotzdem immer noch ein ziemlich schickendes Biest mit reissenden Wellenformen für reissende Momente. Dieses Release ist in meinen September Charts sicher ganz weit oben!

Sian (Karmarouge, Octopus, Pokerflat, Einmaleins...): Yeah, really like "Kimono" from Cio!

Tama Sumo (Ostgut-Booking): "Kimono" und "Fata Morgana" bestechen sicherlich durch viele kleine charmante Ideen und Sounds, die einen eher durch die luft tragen. Da ich aber eher bodenständig unterwegs bin, springt mich der erdig-pumpende track "Psst!" am moisten an. Treibend ohne viel Schnickschnack - so mag ich das! ; )

**"Psst!" kann ich mir ganz gut in einem set von mir vorstellen.

Troy Pierce (M_Nus): I have had this one for a little while, super good. really like it a lot!!!!

Yossi Amoyal (Sushitech, Pariter): Nice work on the A1. Very dark and minimal. I like it!

Laurent Garnier (F-Com): Very nice EP! I really like all the 3 tracks.

Tim Green (Four:Twenty Recordings): All excellent tracks. Nice to hear different types of arrangements going on. Just great progression to all of these. Very nice indeed.

Dave Tarrida (Sativae, Tresor): Nice minimal EP. all tracks are ok!

Andrew Grant (DC 10/Ibiza): Very Dirty!

Tadeo (Apnea, Cyclical Tracks, CMYK Musik...): Very minimal and hypnotic, with Sähkö and Plastikman's flavour. Overall "Kimono" and "Fata Morgana".

DJ Fra (Nitsa Club Barcelona): Excellent record! Love "Kimono" & "Psst!"!